Magento Development

Magento Development

A Magento website with Sahastra Soft Technologies

Serious solutions for serious businesses with serious goals

Every business needs to find the right market and with the growth of online business you need something concrete to perform zillion tasks.

We at Sahastra Soft Technologies would love to help you with your Magento Website Development. Bringing you the expertise to run your Magento storefront. Join the over 250,000 stores worldwide who use Magento as their store front.

Magento Community Edition includes the eCommerce capabilities you need to create, promote, and manage a successful website. It is ready for global commerce out-of-the-box, with support for nearly all languages, currencies, and local tax rates.

What makes Magento Stand Apart?

Magento holds the cockpit position in web development sector; it has served many renowed brands and has excelled in making an online presence for small-scale business as well.

  • Unmatchable Statistics
  • 238,462 active websites using Magento
  • 9,063 websites among the top million
  • More than 100,000 merchants
  • Serves for almost 1/3rd of all the eCommerce websites

Highlights of Magento Web Development

Magento enables the user to address a lot of small issues that might add-up and create huge complications:

  • View, Edit, Create options from the Control Panel
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Integration with multiple PayPal gateway
  • Account Dashboard and on-site order tracking
  • Calculating exact tax rates as per the currency
  • Product comparison with history
  • Creating wish-lists and send a friend option

* We have magento certified developer

magento certified developer

How Can Our Magento Developers Transform Your Website

We have the expertise to apply new visual merchandising tools in Magento to your website. This includes Swatches that allow you to display all the features and attributes of your products online. Now your customers will become more familiar with your goods because it is so easy to browse through your inventory.

Your new Magento website could feature pictures of your entire inventory online with these merchandising tools. Your customers could see all of your products effortlessly.

Better yet, we’ll make it really easy for them to make a quick purchase.

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