About Me

A dessert is nature’s love affair with food. In the spirit of this very romance, at Waflicious, we tend to make your experience of confectionery wholesome and gratifying.


Award winning Celebrity Chef Ruchika Sharma, is no newcomer to the food industry. After a stint in the United States, Ruchika decided to bring her expertise to her home country. She dedicated her passion to baking waffles, which are one-of- a-kind. While in the States, Ruchika was busy experimenting and trying out a variety of kitchen-related activities. From plush restaurants, to pop-up counters on the streets, her creations were everywhere. Given a keen sense of food insight, Ruchika strived to incorporate the most superior knowledge in the processing of her waffles.
What caught her interest was a brand new fantasy dessert, which was selling like hot cakes. Instead of the regular old, flat crust, this product had its waffle shaped in the style of an ice-cream cone! Furthermore, it came loaded, rich in content.
Attempting the same, Ruchika decided to bring home this very interestingly designed dessert. Thus, embarking upon the adventure of getting concept-waffles to India, the pioneer of which are Waflicious’ highest-rated Golden Bubble and Belgian waffles.
The American counterpart of this Bubble Waffle was egg-based. Ruchika wanted to be inclusive of vegetarians and vegans and chose to eliminate egg completely from her product. Waflicious batter is special in being 100% eggless and also, low in calories.

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